On The Road

We are on the road again heading west and there is an air of excitement in the car. Far off fields are definitely greener and around every corner another surprise. … Continue Reading →

Hold On! Don't Throw that away!

Hold on! Think before you light the fire with that piece of paper! What? I’m not trying to be funny – this is serious. Most people realise that there is … Continue Reading →

Ephemera – a great word is back in fashion!

A great word has been resurrected recently – Ephemera, meaning anything of yesterday. For example, autographs of famous people, living or dead, old invoices, comics, posters, beer and whiskey labels, … Continue Reading →

Pat Ds

The Trad Session, Davoc Rynne

In the 1960s if you were young and could play an Irish traditional dance tune – you were King! You did not have to have a huge repertoire – heavens … Continue Reading →