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The Trad Session, Davoc Rynne

In the 1960s if you were young and could play an Irish traditional dance tune – you were King! You did not have to have a huge repertoire – heavens … Continue Reading →


All through the centuries in Ireland the making of butter was an important industry.  In fact by the end of the 18th century butter was Ireland’s largest export.  Even cattle, … Continue Reading →

Posters – if in doubt, don't throw it out!

Irish POSTERS – If in doubt, don’t throw them out! The poster was and is a very effective way of communication. Hundreds of thousands have been produced for a variety … Continue Reading →


The story of how the world famous Belleek pottery started reads like a fairy story.  In 1849, a young man inherited a large estate close to the village of Belleek … Continue Reading →


This black hardwood is almost like ebony and was dug out of the bogs of Ireland. Bog oak was used for the manufacture of small articles, intended mainly for the … Continue Reading →